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: 2021  |  Volume : 29  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 310-

CME Test


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1. Which is the landmark of salivary gland ultrasonography (SGUS) of parotid gland?

Posterior part of submandibular triangleMandibular ramusSublingual fossaAnterior part of submandibular triangle

2. Which plane (s) should be assessed on parotid glands based on the standard salivary gland ultrasonography (SGUS) ?

Transverse plane aloneLongitudinal plane aloneBoth transverse plane and longitudinal planeOblique plane

3. Which is not the diagnostic value of the salivary gland ultrasonography ?

For semiquantitative scoring of parotid glands and submandibular glands of primary Sjogren's syndromeFor differential diagnosis of parotid glands and submandibular glands lesionsFor exclusion of intraglandular tumorFor definite diagnosis of primary Sjogren's syndrome

4. Which is not true regarding the following description?

The Outcome Measures in Rheumatology Clinical Trials (OMERACT) working group define three grade semiquantitative scoring system for parotid glands and submandibular glandsGrade 1: Mild inhomogeneity without anechoic/ hypoechoic areas and/or fatty changeGrade 2: Moderate inhomogeneity with focal anechoic/hypoechoic areasGrade 0: Normal parenchyma

5. In clinical practice, which is an optimal imaging for obtaining the morphology changes of parotid glands in primary Sjogren's syndrome?

SialographyComputed tomographyMagnetic resonance imagingSalivary gland ultrasonography

6. What is the sign of joints and surrounding soft tissues by musculoskeletal ultrasound?

Edema Erosion Enthesophyte All of the above

7. Seronegative Spondyloarthritis may affect which area?

Spine Enthesis SkinAll of the above

8. Enthesopathy occurs at where?

Skin Synovium Junction of tendon and bone All of the above

9. What is the possible presentation of chronic Achilles enthesopathy?

Calcaneal erosionsCalcificationsBone cortex irregularity All of the above

10. What is the ultrasound scoring system for enthesopathy?

GUESS MASEI GRAPPA US All of the above