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: 2019  |  Volume : 27  |  Issue : 4  |  Page : 219-

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1. For diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis, which statement is right?

Psoriatic arthritis accounts for 7-42% of patients with psoriasis.CASPAR criteria have been used for diagnosis.Synovitis, enthesitis and dactylitis are cardinal manifestations.All of the above.

2. For the utility of ultrasonography in arthritis diagnosis, which statement is right?

Patients with psoriasis without joint symptoms may have subclinical synovitis.Subclinical synovitis may be detected by ultrasonography.Ultrasonography is more sensitive than physical examination for early detection of arthritis.All of the above.

3. The ultrasonographic findings of psoriatic arthritis include:

A hypertrophied hypoechoic area within the joint capsule being consistent with synovitis.May have Doppler signals on the synovium.May have synovial effusion.All of the above.

4. Which statement is right for enthesitis?

It is a cardinal manifestation of psoriatic arthritis.The bony insertion of the tendon is inflamed.Ultrasonography shows entheseal hypertrophy with a decreased echogenicity.All of the above.

5. For psoriasis patients without a history of diagnosed arthritis, which statement is right?

They have >50% chance of having subclinical arthritis.The diagnostic rate of physical examination is limited for subclinical arthritis.Ultrasonography significantly identifies more patients with subclinical arthritis.All of the above.

6. What is not the advantage of ultrasound?

Ultrasound can be immediately performed at the patient's bedside.Ultrasound can be obtained repeatedly for follow-up.Ultrasound is radiation free.Ultrasound is the most sensitive diagnostic tool for pneumatosis intestinalis.

7. Which one is False?

Pneumatosis intestinalis is an imaging phenomenon that represents the presence of gas in the intestine wall.Pneumatosis intestinalis usually present with portal vein gas.Patients with pneumatosis intestinalis always need surgical intervention.Pneumatosis intestinalis can originated from benign cause.

8. Which one is False?

Pneumatosis intestinalis can be detected by ultrasound.Pneumatosis intestinalis typically revealed air trapped in the intestine wall.Ultrasound is more sensitive than computed tomography in diagnosis of pneumatosis intestinalis.Ultrasound can differentiate intraluminal air from intramural air through the real-time compression test in cases where differentiating the air level of the bowel in CT scans is difficult.

9. For pneumatosis intestinalis, which one is False?

Pneumatosis intestinalis is seldom related to ischemic bowel disease.Pneumatosis intestinalis can be originated from diverticulitis.Pneumatosis intestinalis can be originated from enterocolitis.Pneumatosis intestinalis can be originated from intestinal obstruction.

10. For pneumatosis intestinalis in ultrasound, which one is True?

Actual visualization of the gas in the wall in real time.Lack of motion of the bubbles over time in the periphery of the bowel wall.Lack of movement of the bubbles with compression.All of the above are true.